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Immersion Cooling’s Financial Impact on AI Deployment

On: June 11, 2024 Comments: 0
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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is reshaping several industries. AI workloads tackle large datasets and deliver real-time results with unprecedented speed and accuracy. But AI deployment has one major drawback: it consumes a lot of power.

One study suggests AI could eat up anywhere from 85 to 134 terawatt hours per year by 2027. For context, that’s roughly the same average annual energy demand as the Netherlands. The average data center simply isn’t equipped to handle the heat generated by that load. Yet companies will continue to embrace AI technology to stay competitive.

So, what can data centers do differently to help businesses adapt to the demands of AI technology? The answer lies in immersion cooling.

For years, we’ve known how immersion cooling can help increase data center density, reduce water use, and improve power usage effectiveness (PUE). Now, there’s another tangible benefit: it makes AI deployment easier and more cost-effective. We explore how it can give your data center an edge.

Higher Performance to the Systems

Let’s look at the simple science behind immersion cooling. Because liquid absorbs heat better than air, submerging racks into a liquid cools them faster than blasting air conditioners. Immersion cooling uses a special dielectric liquid such as mineral oil, which conducts heat but not electricity.

Research shows that immersion cooling liquid’s heat capacity by volume is 1,120–1,400 times greater than air. This means liquid transfers heat out of critical components at a much faster rate. Critical AI systems can then run complex algorithms without the threat of overheating. In fact, a 2023 study found that switching to immersion cooling improves computing efficiency by 96%.

AI Deployment

AI is a fast-paced world. Calculations are made in milliseconds, so high performance is paramount. Businesses are constantly experimenting with AI to see how they can push the boundaries of their services and products. The last thing they want is a disruption like thermal throttling, where processors reduce their speeds to prevent damage. This decreases both performance and AI responsiveness.

With immersion cooling, hardware components can easily operate within optimal temperature ranges. It can also sustain peak performance levels over extended periods. This ensures faster data processing, more complex computations, and smoother AI deployment performance.

Ensuring AI Deployment Operates at Peak Efficiency

One significant way immersion cooling adds to your bottom line is through operational efficiency. For one thing, there are fewer moving parts and components. No big air conditioning units that consume a lot of energy; just tanks filled with the cooling liquid. What’s more, your center will need less frequent maintenance and servicing, which reduces downtime.

Immersion cooling also protects servers from dust and dirt and helps to prevent mechanical failure. It minimizes several operational issues as well, such as oxidation, corrosion, and general wear and tear. As a result, you can create an ideal environment that can handle the load of AI and high-powered computing (HPC).

AI deployment within data centers enables you to boost operational efficiency even more. For instance:

  • AI software toggles the use of server racks in real time to distribute the power load evenly.
  • It allocates network bandwidth and data storage based on processing demands.
  • AI can help with capacity planning and the timely maintenance of processors.

Higher Density, Smaller Footprint

In traditional air cooling, server racks require a lot of space to allow optimal airflow. But with immersion cooling, you can build denser racks and optimize your data center as you see fit. An air-cooled data center has a maximum power density per rack of 50 KW. By contrast, immersion-cooled centers provide up to 250 KW of power density per rack. This is a five-time increase in density.

AI Deployment

Each cooling tank can hold as many servers as multiple server racks. And again, because you don’t have to invest in bulky air conditioning units and complicated ductwork, you’ll free up valuable floor space for more servers. This makes immersion cooling an agile and scalable solution for AI deployment. Even adding new servers won’t increase your heat load.

Immersion cooling is also a sustainable solution. Combined, data centers consumer over 205 terawatt hours of electricity each year—more than countries like Denmark and Ireland. One report says the global tech industry will consume as much as one-fifth of worldwide energy by the 2030s. Some industries run data-intensive operations around the clock. ChatGPT alone may be using more than half a million kilowatt hours of electricity every day.

The good news is that immersion cooling offers an excellent solution to this challenge. These data centers use about 50% less energy than their conventional air-cooled counterparts. This makes AI deployment more sustainable in the long term.

It also trims 10–20% off your electrical costs and reduces your carbon footprint. Your energy bills will go down and stay down, which directly improves your bottom line.

Cool Your AI Deployment With GRC

Thanks to advancing technologies, immersion cooling has become more scalable, less costly, and easier to maintain. The immersion cooling industry is growing at a staggering rate of 24.42%, and Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) is at its forefront. Here’s why you should make the switch:

  • Deploy high-density racks to pack greater computing power into smaller spaces.
  • Meet the ever-growing demand for AI in every industry.
  • Be able to colocate data centers in urban areas where real estate is at a premium.
  • Cut your electricity and water usage in half.
  • Use AI within your data center to bring more operational efficiency.

In short, immersion cooling solves many of the pressing logistical, environmental, and performance-related issues that come with AI deployment. Most importantly, it reduces downtime and makes your data center more reliable.

Our patented immersion cooling system can easily process up to three times the normal power usage demand. It can also provide around 15 times the cooling capacity of air-cooling systems. We use single-phase immersion cooling tanks that keep your systems from overheating. Contact us today to learn how immersion cooling can be a game changer for your company’s financial health.