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Overcoming Today’s Top Data Center Challenges

Clear-cut solutions aren’t easy to come by. Unless you’re running a data center and wondering how to overcome challenges like rack density, scalability, edge deployments and integrating AI, AR, ML or IoT apps. Then the answer is simple: single-phase immersion cooling.

You’ll quickly see that immersion cooling is ideal –

  • When It’s Difficult to Integrate High-Density Racks
  • When You Need More Capacity But Can’t Go to the Cloud
  • When High-Power Costs Require Extreme Energy Efficiency
  • When Rising Rack Density Increases Cooling Costs
  • When You’re Out of Space to Expand Capacity
  • When You’re Facing High Capital Expenses for a New Data Center

And those are just a few of the cases.

Watch to learn how easily single-phase immersion cooling can transform your existing or new data center and make your work life simpler.