Need to install or maintain a server immersed in an ICEraQ™ liquid-immersion-cooling system? GRC makes it simple.

This short video shows how to do it in six simple steps.

To make life easier for data center operators, we’ve thought through the entire operational design of the ICEraQ System. Its open-rack concept speeds access.  And integrated service rails put your work at an ideal height.  (You’ll never need to lift the heaviest—that is densest—server from the bottom of the rack to work on it.)

Use nitrile gloves if you like; but there’s also no need to fret about immersing your hands in the ElectroSafe™ coolant. ElectroSafe is non-toxic, does not readily ignite, is not reactive with water, and is very stable as well. What’s more, ICEraQ runs almost silently.  So it’s no problem to talk and problem-solve right at the rack.

Dive in and you’ll be done in no time.