• Processing Demands Requiring 3x the Normal Power
  • Density Requirements that Exceed Standard Cooling Capacity by 15x
  • Tripled Energy Costs to Meet New Power Obligations
  • Increase in Data Center Space Needed Due to Traditional Cooling Limitations

Here’s How GRC’s Patented Immersion Cooling Solutions Can Help Artificial Intelligence Data Center Operations

Future-proof your data center

Green Revolution Cooling’s (GRC) immersion cooling data center solutions can future-proof your operation. By reliably cooling up to 100 kW/rack, the ICEraQ® ensures that your data center infrastructure won’t be the bottleneck to your organization’s growth. With minimal site requirements, you can easily integrate high density racks into your existing data center or build a new one for a fraction of the cost.

Slash server energy

GRC’s immersion-based data center cooling solutions add to your bottom-line profitability by reducing server energy a full 10 to 20%!

Cut cooling energy costs

-up to 95%. Our equipment draws less power than the server fans we remove.

Solve your power and space density challenges

The support for high rack densities allows you to put more compute in a rack, while the absence of hot/cold aisles helps you put racks back to back, saving valuable space in your data center.

Lower your maintenance and operating costs

Our single-phase immersion cooling system has only 2 moving parts, coolant pumps and water pumps. This radical simplification of the data center architecture not only helps improve reliability, it also helps you eliminate the operating and maintenance costs of complex components such as chillers, air handlers and humidity control systems that are no longer needed.

AI Example Configuration

Fit up to 28 Nvidia DGX-1s in two standalone racks with the ICEraQ Duo

  • V-100 GPUs
  • 28,000 TFLOPs
  • 1,146,880 CUDA Cores

That’s 90kW of compute packed into two standalone racks!

50% lower energy cost: 10-20% lower server power, 2-3% cooling overhead

Installation of ICEraQ’s at CGG
Key Solutions:
If you need a:
GRC Solution
Standalone, rack based cooling system for your AI servers (up to 50kW/rack)
Standalone, rack based cooling system for your ultra-dense AI servers (up to 100kW/rack)
Turnkey AI data center in a box:

Power Up & Cool Down

Bring the Most Efficient Cooling Technology to Your Artificial Intelligence Data Center

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