• Intense processing demands incredible power & generates massive heat
  • Low-cost power for traditional cooling is often limited to unfavorable areas
  • Standard build costs & cooling technology can make profitable mining impossible
  • Currency volatility necessitates fast, reliable deployment

Here’s How Our Immersion Cooling Solutions Benefit Blockchain / Crypto Mining Operations

Minimize Your Capital Financing Expenses to Improve Profitability

GRC’s data center liquid immersion cooling solutions designed for digital asset mining are innovative yet amazingly simple. When compared with conventional air cooled data centers, a greenfield deployment with GRC can reduce your CapEx costs by up to 30% by eliminating the need for chillers, CRACs, CRAHs and raised floors.

Slash Cooling Energy Costs

Compared with conventional air cooling systems, GRC systems reduce the power associated with cooling your IT equipment by up to 90%. As a matter of fact, our equipment draws less power to cool the servers than the fans we remove.

Deploy Computing Power Anywhere — Quickly

Our modular, pre-engineered solutions allow you to position your compute anywhere — from a warehouse or loft to a parking lot or the middle of the desert!

If you have an existing blockchain operation, or a fixed-facility site in mind, our HashRaQ® MAX is the right choice for you. This rack-based solution allows you to locate an ultra-efficient blockchain data center in nearly any building, with minimal site preparation. HashRaQ MAX is an ROI-focused, powerful, sustainable, and affordable cooling system that minimizes CapEx, OpEx, and carbon footprint while maximizing density, uptime, and profitability.

— OR —

Our HashTank® solution is a complete blockchain data center enclosed in an ISO shipping container, allowing you to go wherever cost-effective power is. Complete with electrical infrastructure, cooling towers, cabling, switches, and remote monitoring capabilities that provide real-time access to system operating parameters and alerts, it’s truly a plug-and-play solution.

Extend the Life of Your Computing Assets for a Greater ROI

Removal of fans lessens vibration-induced failures. Uniform temperatures eliminate hot spots. Plus, our ElectroSafe® fluids protect against airborne contaminants and corrosion.

Save Space with Denser Layouts

GRC’s immersion cooling systems can cool up to 288 kW per CDU with 13 °C (55.4 °F) water, allowing you to pack in hardware at far greater densities. The HashTank HT40 houses up to 216 Bitmain S19s in a 40’ ISO shipping container and the HashRaQ MAX accepts up to 48 S19 units in a single system.  The system’s efficient design, space-saving footprint, and minimal infrastructure requirements reduces facility size and expands location options.

Lower Your Maintenance and Operating Costs

A complete single-phase immersion cooling system has only three moving parts: a coolant pump within the GRC coolant distribution unit, a water pump to circulate water to the heat rejection system, and cooling tower/dry cooler fan. This radical simplification of data center architecture not only improves reliability, it eliminates the operating and maintenance costs of complex components such as chillers, air handlers, and humidity control systems.

Future-Proof Your Operation for Higher Densities

Our liquid immersion cooling systems can reliably cool up to 288 kW/unit with 13 °C (55.4 °F) water, ensuring your cooling capacity will keep pace with your needs, even when a new generation of hardware pushes power and cooling needs.

Blockchain Example Configuration

Cool up to 72 Antminer S9s, effectively and reliably, in a single HashRaQ

HashRaQ HRc, with 72 Antminers

  • Over 100kW of cooling capacity per rack!
  • Includes switches, PDUs and custom cables
  • Virtually silent, fan-less environment
  • Deploy in any powered shell! From data centers to warehouses and even breweries, we’ve deployed the HashraQs in some of the most challenging locations
Designed exclusively for crypto mining, the HashRaQ® MAX is a next-gen immersion cooling system that tackles the extreme heat loads
HashRaQ MAX tackles the extreme heat loads generated by crypto mining.
HashRaQ MAX is engineered for efficiency, simplicity, and sustainability.
HashRaQ MAX is engineered for efficiency, simplicity, and sustainability.
HashTank’s can be shipped and dropped anywhere, quickly.
Rapidly deploy HashTank units anywhere with access to power and water.
Rows of densely packed miners immersed in ElectroSafe fluid.
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GRC Solution
Turnkey, blockchain data center in a box — just add servers, power, and water
Rack-based, cooling system for a brick-and-mortar blockchain data center

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