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5 Ways You Can Spend All the Money You Save From Converting to Immersion Cooling

On: January 26, 2023 Comments: 0
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Data centers host the hardware and software that serve organizations’ IT needs. To meet these needs, each data center requires electrical and cooling infrastructure, along with other equipment. But cooling often poses key financial and technical challenges for data centers. When you upgrade to liquid immersion cooling, however, you can drastically simplify the system and free up your budget for additional spending.

As the name indicates, an immersion cooling system submerges IT hardware into a cooling liquid. The system uses very few moving parts, and it doesn’t depend on the overbuilt electrical and mechanical infrastructure that air cooling requires. As a result, Green Revolution Cooling’s (GRC) immersion cooling system cuts your operational costs and capital expenses in half. Overall, liquid immersion cooling is a much more efficient and cost-effective technology.

Immersion cooling isn’t just good for your finances—it’s also good for the planet. As data center sustainability becomes more important each year, there’s no better time than now to switch. So, save the environment while also saving money. Make it a great year and treat your business with the money you’ll save. Here are five ways you can splurge, from infrastructure improvements to extra love for your employees.

immersion cooling

1. Networking

One way you can spend some of your savings from immersion cooling is to grow your business network. For instance, you can send out gifts and greeting cards to potential partners. Who knows, you may just find your next customer!

By networking with those in the industry, you may also develop connections with other data center operators. Together, you can grow faster or share information and other resources. After all, there’s strength in numbers—and investing in your social network is a good use of your savings.

2. New Equipment

You can build your data network as well as your social network. For example, the money you would’ve spent on unnecessary air cooling equipment can be reinvested and used to purchase productive IT equipment. In fact, switching to GRC’s liquid immersion cooling system can save you millions of dollars. That’s enough to buy a lot of servers and networking gear.

As a bonus, immersion cooling bathes the IT hardware in a liquid that protects against air pollutants and moisture, so hardware lasts longer and needs less maintenance. It’s like two investments in one: you get the hardware’s normal lifespan plus the extra life gained from immersion’s protection. And, it all comes from money you would’ve thrown away on inefficient air cooling.

3. Marketing

Why not spend some of that extra money on getting the word out about your services? Marketing is essential to business success, and every penny counts. With the right publicity efforts, you can boost sales and grow your business.

Some ideas include purchasing advertisements and writing press releases. You could also run sponsorships or find other creative ways to spread awareness of your company. However you choose to market your offerings, the added money can fuel profits.

4. Customer Service

There’s always room to improve customer service. After all, the customer service team helps the people your business depends on in their moment of need. A customer who receives exceptionally good service may recommend you to others. However, a customer who receives poor service may not be a customer for much longer.

There are many ways you can spend the savings from immersion cooling on improving customer service. For example, you can hire more representatives or conduct more training. With budgets under constant pressure, it’s a relief to free up resources.

Customer service is one of the smarter places to spend your excess savings—the way a company makes people feel heavily influences their purchasing decisions. This department is the main touchpoint through which customers engage with your business, so it’s worth the investment.

5. Employee Bonuses

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Of course, what better way to spread holiday cheer than on the people who make your enterprise work? Recognizing employees is not only a welcome act of kindness; it also increases their morale and performance.

With the money you save from converting to liquid immersion cooling, you can bolster the troops and keep a positive mood as you move into the new year. For example, share your savings as a monetary bonus or as gift cards. Either way, showing your team extra love will put you all in the holiday spirit.

Looking to Switch to Immersion Cooling Solutions?

Investing in your business and its employees is a good move any time of year. You’ll find tremendous savings when you upgrade to immersion cooling. The best part? It’s easy to make the switch. You can install liquid immersion tanks in any facility—you don’t even need raised floors or other modifications.

The mechanical simplicity and physical efficiency of liquid immersion cooling will yield massive cost savings from day one. And, the savings continue as long as you run immersion cooling, as the liquid also protects your expensive IT assets from damage.

GRC’s liquid immersion cooling systems support enterprise, cloud, and hyperscale data centers. These modular tanks let you build out as desired and are ready in mere weeks. In addition, you’ll save half the total cost versus air cooling. Liquid immersion cooling can handle far higher rack densities, and it’s better for the environment.

The greater rack density makes liquid immersion cooling popular for high-performance computing (HPC). This means you can now install many times more server power in the same area. That saves you money on real estate on top of the already lower costs of immersion cooling.

GRC leads the industry in developing and deploying liquid immersion cooling solutions. This technology is rapidly expanding from a niche into a mainstay in data centers of all sizes. Driven by the cost savings and convenience of the system, more and more organizations are moving to immersion. Contact GRC today to start your liquid immersion cooling journey.