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Reduce Data Center Build Costs by Up to 60%

The CarnotJet System is enables the lowest data center build-out cost in the industry. The system eliminates the need for capital intensive air conditioning equipment and can be deployed in an unconditioned bare shell such as a warehouse, thereby significantly reducing the construction and equipment costs and deployment time.
Here is what makes the CarnotJet System the ideal choice for prudent infrastructure planners:

Immersion-cooled systems do not require chillers, CRAC units, raised flooring, etc. This method has the potential to cut in half the construction costs.

David Prucnal, P.E. at NSA

Eliminates Capital Intensive Equipment (Chillers, CRACs/CRAHs, raised floors, etc.)

The CarnotJet System completely eliminates the need for any air conditioning or handling equipment including chillers, CRACs/CRAHs, air filtration, humidity control systems, etc.  Apart from being extremely capital intensive, these systems are also energy and space intensive and add to the complexity of the build.

Minimal Site Requirements- Warehouse Vs Whitespace

CarnotJet Rack - OutdoorsThe CarnotJet System eliminates the need for any kind of specialized infrastructure including raised floors, aisle containment, and plenum spaces. The system is equally deployable on a concrete slab in a warehouse, as is in a state-of-the-art whitespace facility. All that is required is a powered shell and access to a warm water line. This ability of the system to be deployed in an unconditioned space has allowed data centers to expand in spaces that were once considered unusable.
Apart from the significant cost savings from building out in an unconditioned space, the minimal infrastructure makes meeting building code requirements a breeze, in any part of the world.


The image on the right shows a CarnotJet rack installed in a loading dock. This single rack can support over 100 kW of IT load. 

Downsizes Power & Backup Infrastructure

The CarnotJet System reduces the total (IT + Cooling) power of a data center by up to 50%, as compared to traditional air cooling. This reduction in peak power translates into a proportional downsizing of all electrical and backup infrastructure, including capital intensive equipment such as diesel generators, and battery backup. Thereby significantly reducing the upfront cost of a data center.

Simplified Hardware

Simplified ServerThe CarnotJet System enables simplification of servers that can yield substantial energy and upfront cost savings, this is made possible through:

  • Elimination of fans, intricate chassis, heat spreaders, etc.
  • Replacement of detailed chassis with simple flat sheets of metal
  • Downsizing of power supplies, to compensate for fan removal
  • Picking optimal components without concerns regarding form factor and thermal restraints.

Overall, choosing the right combination, and size of optimized hardware can result in savings close to $300 per server, adding up to a total of up to $12,000 per 42U rack.

The above image shows a simplified server: two boards mounted on a single frame. This is the complete server; nothing is hidden from view.

To learn more about how GRC helped the Vienna Scientific Cluster optimize their hardware, download the VSC case Study here>

Lower Build Cost + Lower Operating Cost = Lowest TCO in the Industry

The CarnotJet System’s ability to reduce both upfront and ongoing costs helps you achieve the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the industry.

To learn more about how the CarnotJet System can improve  server reliability and performance, click here>

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