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Data Center Energy

Data Center Energy Efficiency:

The CarnotJet System helps cut total data center energy in half! This is made possible through a two-fold reduction in both peak and average power:

  • Up to 95% Reduction in Cooling Energy (mPUE=1.03)
  • 8%-20% Reduction in Server Power Draw

As a result, it is not uncommon for (server power + submersion cooling power) to be less than just server power alone for an air-cooled server. Server-Power-ComparisonThe CarnotJet System improves both data center cooling and server energy efficiency.

The GRC system is reducing our cooling energy consumption by up to 90%, bringing down our total energy cost by around 35%.

Dr Stuart Midgley, CTO at DownUnder GeoSolutions

Energy Efficient Cooling

When it comes to data center cooling energy, The CarnotJet System is the most energy efficient solution available to data centers. The system itself uses minimal power, and eliminates the need for energy intensive chillers, and air handlers. The entire cooling system uses no more than 3% – 5% of IT, which results in mechanical PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.05 or less.

Energy Efficient Servers

Apart from the energy savings offered by the CarnotJet System itself, it also helps improve overall data center efficiency by helping reduce server power draw. Servers installed in the CarnotJet system typically use (at an average) 10% less power than similar servers running in an air cooled environment at 78ºF.

This reduction in power draw is primarily attributable to the removal of chassis and power supply fans. Further savings are made possible by the reduction in operating temperatures and leakage current at the component level.

While server power reduction varies by manufacturer and model, the average reduction has been observed to be ~10%.

Our equipment runs at a more consistent and lower temperature in the GRC solution while consuming less power at the server level.

Dan Charbonneau, CEO at CBT Nuggets

Energy Savings Comparison

The CarnotJet System is the most energy efficient cooling solution available to data centers. The graph below shows a head to head comparison of the system against other popular cooling techniques in the industry:Average-Server-Power-Use

Comparison of Total Average Server + Cooling Power per Server

GRC is the most efficient cooling technology we have tested. We save about 20% in energy versus our existing free cooling system.

– Infrastructure Manager at Orange Telecom

Implications for Your Data Center

The dramatic improvement in data center energy efficiency allows data center operators to:

  • Decrease energy expenditure
  • Increase data center capacity
  • Decrease data center build cost due to downsizing of infrastructure (proportional to reduction in peak power)

To learn about how The CarnotJet System can help reduce build costs by 60%, continue on to build cost savings>

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