Green Revolution Cooling Now Doing Business as GRC

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Green Revolution Cooling Now Doing Business as GRC

Leading provider of liquid immersion cooling solutions for HPC, AI, Blockchain, and
Edge applications continues to simplify high density data center cooling for capital and
operating cost efficiencies

AUSTIN, TX – July 2, 2018Green Revolution Cooling) the leader in immersion cooling for data centers, today announced the company has started doing business as GRC. This rebranding reflects the company’s maturity in delivering data center infrastructure technologies that reduce complexity and save money. Concurrent with this rebranding, the company is also announcing the expansion of its product portfolio to align with the needs of the customer segments it serves. The name change is effective July 1, 2018.

GRC has established itself as the leader in liquid immersion cooling, solving the problem of increasing heat loads in data centers, reducing data center deployment times and simplifying operation and maintenance; while providing customers with greater flexibility in locating data center infrastructure. Since the company’s founding in 2009, it has deployed systems in 13 countries, across industries that include academic supercomputing, oil and gas, military, financial services, and cryptocurrency mining. As validated by its customers and the evolving data center market, the technology continues to demonstrate its reliability, energy efficiency, cooling capacity and environmental resilience.

According to a recent report from Coherent Market Insights, the data center liquid immersion cooling market is expecting an annual growth rate of 37% CAGR between 2018 and 2025. The report further states that a key factor of this growth is the continued data center demand driven by industries such financial services, insurance and healthcare, among others.

Coinciding with the rebranding is a revamp of the GRC product portfolio, and the retirement of the CarnotJet brand. The HashTank™ and HashRaQ™ product lines have been optimized for cryptocurrency mining, and other blockchain applications. The ICEraQ™ and ICEtank™ product lines serve the needs of GRC’s other customer segments. These four innovative systems are highly efficient and deliver significant energy savings by using 90-95% less cooling power and reducing data center power consumption by up to 50% versus conventional air-cooled data centers with PUE’s in the 1.4 range.

“Driven by the data center heat rejection requirements of powerful IoT, AI, virtual reality, machine learning, and blockchain applications, cooling is becoming increasingly complex and costly,” said Peter Poulin, President and CEO of GRC. “Something needs to change, and GRC is focused on radically simplifying the deployment, operation and maintenance of the cooling infrastructure that supports these demanding applications.”

GRC has been awarded grants from the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation; and has twice won the Disruptive Technology of the Year award at the Supercomputing conference, a key industry forum for stakeholders in the technical computing community. For two consecutive years, one of its customers was named #1 on the Green 500, for being the world’s most energy efficient HPC data center. In 2017, the company was named one of the Top 25 Data Center Tech Companies by CIO Applications magazine. Customers such as Orange, Intel, the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) and the NSA cite significant energy and cost savings and attainment of sustainability goals, following their deployments of the GRC technology.

About GRC
GRC is the immersion cooling authority. The company’s signature rack-based systems enable cloud and on-premises data centers to reduce cooling energy and save costs. Their unique dielectric fluid coolant eliminates the need for chillers, air conditioners, and air handlers. As the leaders in the data center cooling market, GRC’s solutions have helped some of the largest cloud, HPC, and telecom organizations build extremely efficient, cost effective, and resilient data centers across the globe. Visit grcooling.com for more information.