Problems That Lead to Delays in Setting up Data Center Cooling Systems cover

Problems That Lead to Delays in Setting up Data Center Cooling Systems

On: October 27, 2022 Comments: 0
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Data center cooling systems are key components in building and operating facilities. Too often they wind up facing delays, and a slowdown with the cooling system can set back the entire data center. The complexity of conventional cooling systems explains many of these delays, but these can now be eliminated through much-simpler liquid immersion technology.

Data center construction has been doing quite well as the economy turns more and more to the Internet. However, supply chain and infrastructure design issues threaten to disrupt the rate of building. In some cases, data centers can’t acquire components they need for conventional air cooling.

Green Revolution Cooling’s (GRC) extremely simple and powerful liquid immersion cooling system drastically redefines the process. Instead of months or years of delays, you simply deploy the production-ready tanks and install servers in the racks. Immersion is much faster and easier. It also has a lower total cost and can help you avoid delay-causing problems like those discussed below.

supply chain issues threaten traditional data center cooling

Shortage in Parts to Build the Cooling System

Building a data center complete with a cooling system requires numerous parts, but these aren’t always available given constraints on shipping, labor, and raw materials. If your data center doesn’t have certain parts necessary to reach the next stage, it will hold up the whole facility.

Air cooling systems and their extensive support infrastructure add many components to your process, which means more opportunities for slow-downs. You need generators, battery backups, and structural modifications to support air cooling. These add many months of delays, especially at times like the present when we’re facing supply chain disruptions. And if a wrong part arrives, you have to add another long delay.

The same problems delaying new construction are also delaying expansions. Increased prices and shortages are occurring globally, not just in one area. Capacity planning is a challenge even without these severe supply chain disruptions, so anything you can do to speed up the cooling system helps.

If you can plan early and stock some parts, you can alleviate some of these delays. But that’s not enough since there are still some cooling system parts that can take many long months to arrive. With the data center industry’s focus on speed to market, you can’t afford such delays. In fact, some companies have started buying equipment before committing to a project (adding on storage expenses), but even this may not be enough.

Liquid immersion cooling is ready now. GRC’s tanks have few parts and are quickly available. Furthermore, you don’t need the same complex infrastructure such as generators, so you won’t run into the same parts shortages that hold up other data center builds.

Dependency on Third-Party Suppliers

data center cooling doesn't have to be complicated

Modern data centers incorporate equipment from many vendors, including third-party suppliers. A failure at any of these points can derail the building process. Plus, the more complex your design, the more serious the risk of delays. Practically every raw material that goes into data centers is subject to supply problems, including electronics and generators. If you’re building with conventional air cooling, there’s a rough road ahead.

On the other hand, GRC’s liquid immersion cooling system is an elegant solution that reduces the number of third-party suppliers. The immersion tanks are compact, with few inner components and few external dependencies. You’re essentially buying an efficient solution that cuts out many of the supply chain headaches now plaguing the industry.

One of the most common problems causing delays is the integration of complex systems. Traditional air cooling systems and their dependencies multiply the complexity during both construction and operations. The simpler you can make your data center cooling design and build, the better. Liquid immersion is the easiest cooling system to integrate.

Conventional Cooling Is Too Complex to Design and Install

Air cooling is one of the most complex aspects of a data center. For instance, air flows must be modeled carefully to prevent uneven cooling and overheated servers. Elaborate containment strategies are needed to keep cold air and hot air from mixing together. And you need to install raised floors, UPS and generators, air handlers, and other expensive equipment.

The complications of air cooling make capacity planning a major problem, and installing such a complex system takes much longer than other systems. The complexity of the equipment means human error is more likely to occur, which may necessitate even more delays.

By contrast, GRC’s liquid immersion cooling system is exceedingly simple. You can easily install it anywhere fast. For example, you can put the racks on unimproved concrete, or you can install a self-contained shipping container with ultra-efficient immersion cooling outdoors. These can be built and delivered within eight weeks, then installed in mere days. The ease, speed, and flexibility are in a different league than air cooling.

Free yourself from the brutal complexity of air cooling. With liquid immersion cooling, you don’t need massive gray space infrastructure and excessive planning. It’s much faster, from the initial install to any capacity you want to add.

Cool Down Ahead of Schedule With GRC

The data center industry is now facing the combined pressures of having to build out capacity to meet customer demand while facing global supply chain and labor woes. Those stuck with legacy air cooling solutions have to contend with delays lasting months or years. However, more adept operators who transition to liquid immersion cooling can cut those delays and get on with business.

With liquid immersion cooling, you can deploy a ready-to-use solution in just weeks. Gone are the complications from part shortages, third-party suppliers, and convoluted data center modifications for conventional air cooling.

GRC’s liquid immersion cooling system is immensely simpler than other data center cooling methods, which makes it that much easier to keep your facility construction simple and on time. You’ll also save money and use the most environmentally sustainable cooling solution on the market. Ready to start? Talk with GRC today.