DCD > Keeping IT Cool Virtual Conference — July 14 & 15

On: June 29, 2021 Comments: 0
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We know that data center cooling remains the biggest energy savings opportunity across the industry, but ill-informed cooling strategies can put operations and efficiency at risk.

That’s why we’re thrilled to contribute to Season 2 of DCD>Keeping IT Cool, the hit series on the future of data center cooling technology and best-practice, alongside experts from Facebook, Google, ASHRAE, Dell, IBM and more.

Be sure to stream GRC CRO Jim Weynand’s session Making the Leap into Immersion: How Enterprises are Implementing Immersion Cooling into Their Infrastructure — aka: “How to Eat the Elephant One Bite at a Time to learn how our clients have seamlessly & successfully transitioned to immersion cooling by:

• Migrating Over Time
• Scaling On-Demand
• Aligning with ITE Refreshes
• Creating an HPC Pod
• Placing Systems Anywhere
…and More

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