GRC Intel Partnership Video

IT pundits and data center experts agree. Time is running out for air-cooled data centers as they struggle to meet the demands of irreversible trends. These include increases in density which air can no longer handle cost-effectively, edge computing in remote, often harsh environments, and sustainability issues pertaining to energy usage, energy waste, and overall data center impact on the environment.

Good news: immersion cooling addressed all these concerns. Even better news: two global technology innovators—Intel® and GRC, the Immersion Cooling Authority®—have partnered to perfect the entire immersion cooling ecosystem, paving the way to unchecked data center potential.

Watch this video and you’ll hear all the details straight from Mohan J. Kumar, Intel’s Data Platform Group Fellow, and GRC’s CEO Peter Poulin. They’ll discuss how the two companies are working together to optimize fluid compatibility, native server design, energy usage and more.