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Worried About Switching to Immersion Cooling? Here Are the Facts

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On: May 18, 2023 Comments: 0
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Traditional air-cooling systems, which have long been the go-to method for cooling data centers, are coming under increasing pressure to deliver effective solutions. Although liquid immersion cooling often comes up as a viable and more effective alternative, many businesses are still concerned about the costs and complexity of this technology.

Data center cooling has to meet several criteria to function effectively. Factors such as cost, reliability, and ease of use top the list. GRC’s innovative immersion cooling addresses all these needs. It costs less, is easier to maintain, and supports a far higher server density than air cooling.

Immersion technology has now proven itself in a wide and growing range of global data centers. Even better, it is a sustainable cooling solution. That same efficiency that makes immersion low-cost and high-density also enables carbon-free data centers. Liquid immersion cooling from GRC is an all-around winner that eliminates previous concerns over the technology.

Concern: Immersion Cooling is More Expensive

Woman calculating expenses cost by immersion cooling.

Cost is one of the most common worries surrounding immersion cooling technology. This myth makes some sense, given that immersion cooling is more effective than air cooling and is associated with high-performance computing (HPC). In reality, GRC has brought down the price of such cooling systems to below that of air cooling.

Immersion cooling costs less and works more effectively than air cooling, meaning that data centers adopting the system will see immediate as well as long-term financial returns. You spend less to install the immersion tanks, and because this type of cooling uses only a fraction of the electricity, you’re also saving on generators and other now-unnecessary equipment.

Compared with air-cooling methods, GRC’s immersion cooling systems are much faster to install. And the longer you use them, the more you save. Air cooling can swallow half a data center’s electricity budget or more. The necessary fans also add wear to hardware, increasing maintenance and replacement costs. The simplicity of immersion cooling makes it a better fit for your finances as well as your servers.

Concern: Immersion Cooling is Untested and Unproven

Immersion cooling has had many years of testing and use in production environments. For example, GRC’s cooling systems have been in use at some of the world’s largest data centers for over a decade. During this time, they’ve proven themselves capable of highly reliable operation with noticeably better performance than the alternatives.

Even before this technology found itself in widespread use for data center cooling, it had already accrued decades of experience in other challenging industrial environments. In fact, electrical equipment has relied on immersion cooling as far back as the 1800s.

Liquid is an extremely safe and functional medium for cooling. Supercomputers, for example, have a long history of entrusting their hardware to immersion. Thanks to GRC, liquid immersion cooling is now available to data centers of all sizes. Backed by industry standards that protect users and ensure the ongoing reliability of this technology, liquid immersion consistently cools servers without the hot spots or other flaws of air-cooling systems.

Concern: Immersion Cooling is Difficult to Use

Just because immersion cooling uses different technology, that doesn’t make it more difficult to use than air cooling. Some businesses assume their technicians will struggle to adjust to a new configuration. In practice, however, this isn’t an issue. The system is straightforward, and in some key respects, even easier to use than air cooling.

Moreover, the data center as a whole becomes simpler to use. Since immersion cooling does not require the same complex infrastructure as air cooling, there’s less work in the immersion-cooled facility. You don’t have to deal with all the air chillers and air handlers, filtration systems and humidity controls, electrical backups, and other complications associated with air cooling.

Liquid immersion cools silently and cleanly. The servers are protected from pollutants and corrosion, thus needing less maintenance. And without the over-cooling typical of traditional methods, you can leave the facility at a more comfortable temperature for employees.

The systems themselves are amazingly simple, with fewer moving parts than conventional structures. Modular racks can be deployed anywhere. The servers rest comfortably at waist height in horizontal racks and enjoy ample lighting. Technicians have easy access to each server on rails, which ensures maintenance and other tasks go off without a hitch.

Concern: Immersion Cooling Breaks Equipment Warranty

Reality check: Converting IT equipment for use in immersion cooling does NOT automatically violate the equipment’s warranty. While it’s understandably a concern to keep expensive hardware under warranty, immersion systems are safe for warranties.

Immersion cooling

Through GRC’s unique relationship with our Global Alliance Partner, Dell, customers can purchase GRC cooling systems and Dell servers, have the servers made ready for immersion before delivery, and then immerse them, all while retaining the exact same service, support, and warranty terms available for air-cooled servers.

There’s no need to worry over warranties or the technical details of using servers in liquid immersion tanks. GRC works closely with the IT vendor to offer a seamless solution. For your business, it’s as easy as using air cooling. Plus you’ll see the performance, sustainability, and financial benefits of liquid immersion cooling.

As sustainability and server density become mainstream issues, other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are recognizing the value of immersion cooling methods. This innovation represents the best possible tech solution for data centers and, as such, it receives widespread support. Hardware vendors have invested heavily in the development of this technology, which includes ensuring that their products are compatible.

Immersion Cooling Is Now Ready for Your Data Center

Liquid immersion cooling has come into its own. Although there may once have been valid reasons for data centers to think twice about implementing this technology, GRC has resolved these issues. Immersion cooling systems are currently employed by many of the top data centers worldwide. Today, they’re ready for prime-time adoption.

Cost analyses now work in favor of immersion cooling, which slashes CapEx and OpEx in half. The basic technology has had over a century of real-world use, and data centers have applied immersion cooling to fix their most pressing problems for years. The solution is easy to use and (with approved conversion to immersion processes) 100% compatible with your server warranty.

As if converting to immersion cooling wasn’t already a great idea, it becomes even more attractive when you open the door to government incentives. These incentives aim to promote sustainable practices; for example, using GRC’s liquid immersion tanks. When you’re ready for the green solution that cools more powerfully than air—and at half the cost—contact us.