Why Is This the Perfect Time for Immersion Cooling in Crypto Mining? cover

Why Is This the Perfect Time for Immersion Cooling in Crypto Mining?

On: March 14, 2023 Comments: 0
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The evolution of crypto mining has been nothing short of astonishing. When it first arrived, you could use your own computer to mine Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies available. But since the popularity of crypto skyrocketed, the competition’s heated up. Now, mining requires fast and power-hungry hardware that’s custom-made for crypto. It can fill an entire data center, warehouse, or even a vast compound in the desert. The heat has grown so intense that nothing less than the best cooling technology, namely liquid immersion, will suffice. Without it, excessive heat will continue to constrain crypto profitability.

Liquid cooling technology is becoming the gold standard  for crypto mining.

Crypto mining is the process by which a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin comes into circulation. These digital currencies use the calculations of “cryptographic hashes” (mining) produced by multiple computers to verify the authenticity of transactions. Essentially, the distributed miners protect cryptocurrencies by validating these calculations.

With crypto mining, it’s important to note that more computation wins. The idea is that enough people will work to defend the blockchain and that their computers will overpower any bad actors. Moreover, people are incentivized to devote computational resources to crypto mining. For instance, they’ll earn a financial reward for completing a calculation before their contemporaries. However, the end result is intense technological escalation, including the emergence of bigger and more powerful crypto mining rigs.

Why a Cooling Technology is Essential to Crypto Mining

A powerful cooling technology is needed to match the immense heat output of new crypto-mining rigs. Here, we’re talking about massive installations of super-dense systems emitting way too much heat for conventional air cooling.

Air is a terrible coolant. It doesn’t transport heat very effectively. As a result, you need to blow a lot of air over servers to keep them cool. This might’ve been fine when servers only had to handle basic duties like sending out web pages. However, it’s simply not enough for processor-intensive tasks like crypto mining.

If you run crypto rigs with old air cooling technology, there are sharp limits on how much processing you can fit in, and how well you can compete for financial reward. It’s just not economically viable to keep running crypto mining with air cooling.

The limitations of air cooling also expose crypto rigs to the risk of damaged hardware. Processors are only engineered to operate at certain temperatures. Burning them on high-speed mining calculations can literally melt components and destroy expensive servers.

Enter Liquid Immersion Cooling: A New, Innovative Way to Cool?

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So, if air cooling doesn’t cut it for crypto mining, we need a new solution. And that solution turns out to be single-phase liquid immersion cooling. This involves submerging the servers directly in the coolant, which consists of a safe oil rather than air.

Liquid immersion succeeds where air cooling fails. Liquid is a far superior medium for conducting heat away from servers: over a thousand times better than air! With this astonishing capability, it’s now feasible to increase the speed and density of crypto mining rigs to well above anything air could handle. The result is higher financial returns for your mining efforts.

In addition, liquid immersion cooling has several other benefits. It’s far better for the environment because it doesn’t waste energy on inefficient cooling. Moreover, liquid immersion cooling technology operates a lot more quietly, and it costs 95% less than air cooling. All these advantages are due to liquid being a far more suitable substance for cooling servers.

The Future of Liquid Immersion Cooling in Crypto Mining

With all of immersion cooling’s advantages (greater cooling capacity, better for the environment, quieter, less expensive), this cooling technology is seen as the future of crypto mining. At this stage, the early adopters are already on board. Looking to the future, liquid immersion is on track to take over the industry.

The market for immersion cooling technology is forecast to leap from $302 million in 2022 to $1.7 billion by 2030. Furthermore, we can expect a compound annual growth rate of 24.2% between 2021 and 2026.

Crypto mining is driving steady growth in efficient liquid immersion technology. Single-phase liquid immersion, the kind made by GRC, is leading this expansion and netting a well-above-average growth rate.

At the same time, immersion cooling technology is presently being used in supercomputers that require intense heat dissipation. It’s also catching on in other areas of high-performance computing (HPC), such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT). After this wave of adoption, liquid immersion will continue expanding into more general computing applications.

This liquid immersion cooling technology is already available for any data center. You don’t need to have a huge crypto rig yet to start enjoying the benefits of immersion, and if you do, you’re sure to maximize the benefits! Any data center can use liquid cooling technology from GRC to increase server capacity, protect the environment, and cut costs.

Embrace the Efficient Cooling Technology that Supports Crypto Mining

Now that crypto mining competition has pushed the server power threshold to extreme levels, the only way to mine profitably comes with an unwanted byproduct, intense heat emissions. Against this backdrop, air cooling technology is struggling to remain relevant.

Liquid immersion cooling technology is ready to step up and fill the gap. This innovative solution can handle substantially greater densities of heat and computation, just what crypto needs. For new rigs that want to compete, liquid immersion is already the clear choice. In fact, it won’t be long until it is the only choice.

To learn more about the fascinating developments in cryptocurrency mining and how to manage heat output, read GRC’s free white paper. In addition to its enterprise data center offerings, GRC produces liquid immersion cooling systems designed specifically for crypto mining applications, specifically the HashRaQ.

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